Friday, December 10, 2010


Jangan bazirkan masa untuk meratapi kehilangan orang yang kita sayang. Kita perlu sayangkan diri kita lebih daripada kita sayangkan orang lain. Binalah hidup baru.

Thanks Violet Lim, I'll take note :)

Dont wasted the time to cry upon (losing) the people we love. We need to love ourselves more than loving other people. Create a new life.

Sorry, I am not a good translator :)

Actually I did not cry upon them. I am very motivated. One day, I'll find my happiness like others too!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am laughing as if nothing happen. I am listening to InshaAllah, by Maher Zain. InshaAllah means With Allah's willing :) 

Allah is the best companion ever. He is always on my side when I really need someone to listen to me. He gives me a promise that one day, I will find the way to my happiness. 

It is very true that I have financial and relationship problems. But I always wonder, how long could it be for me to cry upon them? Allah will help me to find me a Saviour :) So stop crying. I am not pathetic. I'll find the solutions on my own. Pray for me :) As a Muslim, Allah always love his servants to favour him everything refers to life :) 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Jatuh cinta, ditolak? Itu bukan kali pertama dalam hidup saya. Cuma saya kecewa. Saya bukan seorang yang terhegeh-hegeh. Tetapi bila seseorang cakap dia berfikir tentang hubungan yang lebih jauh, seolah-olah dia mempunyai perasaan pada saya. Sedih sekejap sahaja. Allah akan ganti dengan yang lebih baik.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


When you really miss somebody, but they don't appreciate it 

It happens to me and I sit in front of my lappy just to wipe the tears. I hate the feeling!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


 This is Tara :) My kitten

This is Mok. My kitten. He is 7 months old. Big huh?

My kitten with I believe he has a peachy colour is Pinky (dont ask me why his name is Pinky. Mom named him). The other one with a brown stripe on her is Coda (I call her Ular Sawa-Phyton)

Sharing photos :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010



I used to believe, a romantic novel tells the real love. It might happens to some people. But it will never happens to me.Maybe...

When I was in a secondary school, I would collecting romantic novel (love story) rather than socializing with friends. They would gossiping about boys. But I will just keep quite. I would repeat and repeat reading the love story. The plot will always be the same. A handsome guy, with a good names & charming. They will always believe they are not meant for each other. But, that's what people said, God's faith. The climax: They will find their souls and happily married. I will burst into tears once the handsome prince charming hurts the lovely sweet girl. Everyday will be the same with me. Until I realized, I have multiple my collection.

Now Im working. And I stop believing on love story as I noticed I have very deep and sensitive inside. I will cry on a sad ending love story. Even a happy ending. The facts that I have to face is, My failure in a relationship. I could even link my relationship to a love story that I read. Im a grown up woman. Im not seeking for love anymore. Sorry? I did actually. But I have not intense my feelings towards it. And it doesn't mean Im not falling into guys. I just believe that Allah doesn't show me the path yet :)

Do you believe in a love story. Do tell me about your story...